___________________  PIONEERWORKS PROPOSAL


The intention of the residency is to develop and present the multimedia work Feeling

Musically, the piece sources its language from electro-acoustic chamber music, free improvisation and loop-based dance music forms. The music seeks to unite the sonics of acoustic instrumental playing with the rhythms and full-frequency impacts of sound system culture. The ensemble will consist of cello, alto flute, voice, guitar, drums, bass clarinet and electronics.

The visual element will consist of projecting video onto silhouettes of the performers. The performers (positioned behind a scrim) will not be seen otherwise. The projected material will include footage of human technology interfacing with the natural world, synthesized / animated representations of nature and intimate human interactions and living spaces captured on home videos.




In preparation for the ensemble piece, I am making solo pieces for each instrument. Each solo piece will develop an electro-acoustic vocabulary that the instrumentalist will bring to the ensemble. Three of these solo pieces are currently underway - for cello, for alto flute and for voice.

Notated sections of the music rely on graphic scoring in addition to traditional notation. Below are excerpts of the score from the cello piece.


Michael is a musician based in New York City. His music sits at the imagined intersection between sound system culture, pop, granular abstraction and live instrumentation. In addition to his solo releases, Michael has scored film and dance projects including three film scores for Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo and an evening-length dance score for Bessie-wining choreographer Rashaun Mitchell. As a guitarist Michael is sponsored by Augustine Strings.

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Wills Glasspiegel (visual media collaborator)

Filmmaker and scholar Wills Glasspiegel has been making short films and documentaries with footwork DJs and dancers in Chicago for the last eight years. Wills works regularly in collaboration with The Era Footwork Crew in Chicago. He received a "Crossing Boundaries" arts prize for his work with The Era in 2016 from Theaster Gate's Arts and Public Life partnership with University of Chicago. Wills' visual art has graced the cover of several prominent albums from Chicago artists like RP Boo. Wills' animations of RP Boo were featured in DIS Magazine, and he also collaborated with RP Boo on the music video documentary "Bangn on King Drive" at Chicago's Bud Billiken Parade. In 2016, Wills worked closely with The Era to bring footwork into the gallery space, debuting the show In the Circle at the Hokin Project in Chicago -- the show included a rare mix of archival media, dance videos, paintings by local dancers, and several photographs and collages by Glasspiegel. Wills has also worked an in-house portrait photographer at MANA Contemporary in Chicago, where he debuted a solo photography show called "Blinked" at MANA in 2016. Wills' short film Freetown Masks was recently installed at the Minneapolis Institute of Art in connection with an exhibition on urban masquerades in Sierra Leone. In 2015, Wills directed the short documentary Icy Lake with record labels Night Slugs and Fade to Mind. In 2012, he co-launched the Shangaan Electro project in Soweto, South Africa, working with London-based record label Honest Jon's. As journalist, Wills has contributed to several outlets including Pitchfork, VICE, and NPR's All Things Considered. Wills was a co-recipient of the Peabody Award for his contributions to the public radio program Afropop Worldwide. Wills is now writing a dissertation at Yale University about the cultural history of Chicago footwork as a PhD student in African American Studies and American Studies.


Teddy Rankin-Parker (cellist)

Teddy Rankin-Parker is an American cello player based in Oakland CA, who specializes in improvisation and avant-garde music. He is a current touring member of the experimental rock band Primus, as well as the indie-rock band Iron and Wine. Additionally, Rankin-Parker works in a wide variety of areas including solo performance, chamber orchestras, performance art, free improvised settings, electro acoustic music and composition. Teddy has performed, toured, and/or recorded with dozens of artists, including the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Eighth Blackbird, Ensemble N_JP, the Chicago Sinfonietta, Joffrey Ballet, Chicago Folks Operetta, Opera Cabal, Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, and Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble. 


Martha Cargo (flute)

Flutist Martha Cargo takes no prisoners, with collaborations spanning from site-specific dance to semi-structured improvisations inspired by giant metal sculptures. Hailed by the New York Times as "excellent" and praised for her "milky" tone by I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, Martha trained at Oberlin, SUNY-Purchase, and Manhattan School of Music before embarking on her freelance career, working actively with Glass Farm, Ghost Ensemble, and numerous other projects throughout New York City. She recently toured with Glass Farm founder-pianist Yvonne Troxler to Switzerland, and in early 2016 embarked upon the flute/cello duo commissioning project Pieces of Eight with Ben Larsen. To date, the duo has premiered 7 new works, and has 1 more slated for premiere in 2017. Martha will release her debut solo album on Infrequent Seams in May 2018, featuring new works by Kevin Baldwin, Anne Goldberg-Baldwin, and Sean Harold, and will perform as part of Kate Ladenheim's CRAWL series in 2018.