Tourism / Documentary

These are two out of twelve videos I scored for the Papau New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority. For this job I researched and incorporated various rhythms and timbres native to traditional folk genres of PNG. {password: mbworks}

"Lucky" is a feature-length documentary that I scored and did the audio mix for (in stereo and 5.1). We are currently processing the final online screener and a new trailer for Direct TV. Spanning five years on the streets of NYC, this intimate story of survival follows Lucky Torres, a homeless mother masked in tattoos who longs to rise from a life of darkness. For more info visit

Trailer for Survival Prayer (Benjamin Greene Films)

Score and mixed audio for a feature-length documentary. This trailer contains one of six string quartet pieces for the film. The director wanted etherial string music with rich harmonies and long melodies. To listen to more pieces from the film visit

Score and voiceover cleanup for a informational video by International microlender FINCA. The client asked for non-instrusive, African-sounding percussive sounds and simple emotive melodies.   {password: mbworks}



3 tracks (co-produced with Aaron David Ross) for Express clothing YouTube adds.

Ad for Swatch. References for this project include Techno, Phillip Glass and IDM. {password: industrial}

Jingle for Joe Malone {password: lacey}

The instructions for this job were to creat an up-beat, simple and funky track that had a Christmas sound to it. 

Audio for a MasterVape E-Cigarettes commercial {password: mbworks}

The main reference for this job was the song 'Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe' by Kendrick Lamar. The audio at the end of the video was added by the video editor. 

Audio for an Absolut Vodka internet commercial. The client's instruction for this project was to make a "abstract dubstep" track (mixed in collaboration with Thomas Arsenault). 

Film / Licensed

Guitar and electronics score for the short film "Señal" (release forthcoming). {password: signal}

Tezeo - 'Open Windows' (Dummy Records) for Kapital 

Skeletons - 'No' (Tezeo Remix) for Bassike {password: beau}

Tezeo - 'Old Light' (Shinkoyo Records) for I-D Magazine 

Tezeo - 'Can you see his face' for Free People